Stella Jean's designs draw together the countries and continents that have grown, impacted and inspired her. She works with Haitian pattern, Italian cuts and Burkinabe prints to chic, eye-catching effect.
Her work has won the support of Giorgio Armani and she was recently chosen to present her Spring Summer 2014 collection at the Armani Teatro, his showspace - becoming the first womanswear collection to do so.
Unlike her friend Armani however, (remember his crazy "Touareg show”?!). Stella Jean is suggesting new ways for using and discussing Caribbean and African influences in fashion. She urges fashion-heads to use the word “ethnic” in a sense that is not simply shorthand for “other”/”not European”. Instead she wants to “liberate” the word from “Western abuse and manipulators” and return to “more egalitarian routes” through fair sourcing of materials.