Maki Osakwe, designer of Maki Oh
Nigerian designer Maki Osakwe has been doing big things for a minute, and we’re not the only ones admiring (and coveting) her collections.  She spoke to The Man Repeller about why she wants to hold on to Nigerian textile traditions and how she feels about designing clothes for women. Here are some highlights, click through for the full interview:

"Each Maki Oh piece has a hidden meaning. [T]his is taken from decades ago when traditional clothing in Nigeria was worn to pass messages. It’s a secret conversation sometimes within oneself, or other times between the wearer and the observer.”

"As each season goes by I gain more respect and fall even more in love with everything WOMAN. I love being a woman. Every Maki Oh collection has been inspired by women, from street-workers to nuns. If you love women, then I believe you can’t help but be a feminist too. Maki Oh collections all express feminist views in different doses.”

We [at Maki Oh] don’t care much for how society defines beauty. Every season, we try to create and find our own ‘beauty’ in subjects that don’t fit within society’s definition of it.”

(by Derica Shields)